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Why Security?

Even with billions spent annually, attacks and breaches continue daily. To protect critical business data from intrusions, your organization needs in-depth infrastructure security.


What we Ensure?

We always maintain CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) in each and every aspect of our services.


Who We Are?

Cyber Attacks are not just a matter for the Fortune 500. Our Professionals protect everything from Main Street to Wall Street.

Adroit Security Services

  • Managed Security Services
  • Compliance Based Security Assessments
  • VAPT Infra & Network
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Identity theft / attack management
  • Identity Threat Management
  • Threat Intelligence Reports
  • Cyber Espionage
  • Cyber Forensics & Investigations

Compliance based security services are provided as per business model and their requirements.

  • Penetration testing & VA in a regular interval.
  • Review of network security design and configuration on a regular basis.
  • Advise on fix and improvement for security weakness in networks.
  • Review of OS security / hardening configuration.
  • Advise on fix and improvement for OS hardening.
  • ISMS management on a routine basis.
  • Installing required SIEM tools and security products.
  • Daily security monitoring.
  • Will recommend changes & advise on new products to have a secure network.
  • Surprise visits to check IT functioning & recommend necessary changes to eradicate lapses.
  • Compliance based audits as per business model.

Compliance based security services are provided as per business model and their requirements.

  • ISO 27001
  • SCAP
  • SOX
  • SOC 2

Today’s main causes for cyber espionage is a vulnerable website which is open to all. Vulnerable websites allow an attacker to inject any malware or unwanted malicious file in a network or individual’s computer.

We have reported, traced the origin of web attacks and helped in fixing vulnerabilities of top MNC’s with regard to sql injection, cross site scripting, local file inclusion, remote file inclusion and etc. We can test this using either zero-knowledge or full-access to examine potential vulnerabilities.

  • Understanding Application Stack.
  • Identify and Explore threats (On the Code Level).
  • Pro-actively help dev team to push sanitized code to Production.
  • Identify the Gaps where Dark technologies can be used to hijack.
  • Determine the appropriate approach to develop / improve the existing model.
  • Recognize solution to prevent risks and vulnerabilities.

Having a business's data online has always been a risk. It’s a world of traps, with vulnerabilities and threats placed themselves in the least expected places, at the least expected time. Every organization today has different vulnerabilities which are not been noticed at times. These loopholes are the targets of the black hat hackers. So it’s our responsibility to take initiatives to keep our self secured.

Rainterra provides the best assessment as we have professionals who has experience of several years in the field of IT security. Rainterra does both white box and black box testing on the computer or the computer systems for any potential vulnerability.

  • Understanding Network and Infrastructure Setup.
  • Scan devices and network for vulnerabilities.
  • Suggest Compliance related best practices.
  • Identify and confirm vulnerabilities of the Infrastructure and Networks.
  • Enhancement and Fine tuning of Pro-active monitoring tools.
  • Identify the Gaps where Dark technologies can find loop holes.
  • Suggest SOP’s, new technologies and Security standards for existing Infrastructure.

Social engineering involves manipulating or misleading company employees and other human resources to gain unauthorized access to a network or to confidential information. Even if corporate has a secure infrastructure it can be compromised very easily by social engineering. Rainterra provides training and services to identify weak links in the security chain through exploitation of human vulnerabilities.

Identity theft/attack management services will protect against identity theft perpetrated by means of e-mail (“Phishing”), voice over IP (“Vishing”) and SMS text (“SMShing”), etc. The identity theft/attack management services also include abuse mail forwarding and malware detection and mitigation, together with forming response services. The proposed solution requires following services as part of

Identity theft attack management services:

  • Malware threats Analysis.
  • Phishing Threats Analysis.
  • Vishing Threat Analysis.
  • Bot nets Threat Analysis.
  • Fraudulent Investigations.

Threats against social contexts (as known as "social threat") are somewhat different from other technical threats against availability, confidentiality, or integrity, as previously discussed, in terms of the intention and methodology. It focuses on how to manipulate the social context between communication parties so that an attacker can misrepresent himself as a trusted entity and convey false information to the target user (victim). The typical threats against social context like Misrepresentation of identity, authority, rights, and content. Rainterra provides a unique service in identifying such threats and takes down of its sources. We have designed an automated abuse box system which analyzes the type of threat and reverts with proper results.

The Process of Identity Threat Management Includes

  • Smshing Analysis.
  • VOIP Threat Analysis.
  • SCAM Analysis.
  • PHISHING Analysis.

Today the Advanced Persistent Threats represent the greatest challenge to information security of any enterprise. The stakes are high therefore involving the possibilities for intellectual property theft, financial loss, the compromise of customer information, public embarrassment and ultimately, the health and longevity of your organization. To avoid such hassles, we at Rainterra have taken initiative in providing a dedicated threat intelligence reporting service. The threat reports are designed enterprise specific on understanding their IT infrastructure and the possible threat that can be faced by an organization. Rainterra Threat Intelligence services provide a professional security intelligence and expert security consultation. The report includes assets targeted, threats model and the actors behind them, insight of exploit at a detailed level, and immediate mitigations to be done.

In today's Cyber world every ounce of sensitive data is stored or shared through a cloud, a computer or a server making it very easy for the Cyber espionage rivals to sniff out the sensitive information of an organization or an individual, resulting in an increase in corporate espionage. Countering cyber espionage requires a much more elaborate approach to data security. The result of espionage is information that has value to the attacker. Rainterra provides service on countering cyber espionage which stops the opponent, enemy intelligence, and criminal organization from gathering and collecting sensitive digital information or intelligence about them through computer, networks and associated equipment. Rainterra provides consultation to both government agencies and core private sector organization against cyber espionage.

The accuracy and reliability of sensitive information in an organization can be secured by extracting information and data from computer storage media. Computer crime represents one of the fastest crime rates in the country and the necessity of cyber forensics is increasing. Rainterra's services traces the origin of this type of breach. After proper analysis the source of that breach will be detected.

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